The First World War – New DVD featuring Onda films

A brand new DVD is being launched this week featuring archive footage of life in the North West during WW1.

The North West Film Archive presents the first public screening of the new film on Wednesday 21 May at the Dancehouse on Oxford Road. The DVD also goes on sale at the Harris Museum shop, priced £12.

For Onda fans the DVD includes lots of footage by Will Onda including his films of the Royal Visit to Lancashire in 1913. Most importantly the dvd includes extracts from recently digitised film from the British Film
Institute dating from WW1 including:

The sixth series Roll of Honour film featuring a selection of portraits of men who had recently been reported missing, injured, killed or were still serving.

The Homecoming of Private Young V.C to Preston in April 1916.

Inspection of the volunteers in Avenham Park, circa 1917, showing members of the volunteer home defence corps being inspected.

Military gala and boxing tournament in Moor Park in 1916. Featuring a fight between heavyweight champion Billy Wells and Preston boxer Johnny Webb.

Inspection of troops from the West Lancashire division in Blackpool, about 1915.

The research into these films is on-going and still lots to do. We are discovering more about the events documented in these films everyday.

Thanks to the North West Film
Archive, British Film Institute and Preston Remembers project for making this all possible.

All that’s left to say is please go to one of the planned screenings in Manchester, Lancaster and Preston. And of course buy a DVD!

Watch the trailer here

Onda Forever!

About Emma Heslewood

I am a historian and museum curator with broad interests including early topical films, social and industrial history, numismatics, archaeology and WW1. I am an expert on the life and work of the Victorian acrobat and topical film maker - Will Onda.
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3 Responses to The First World War – New DVD featuring Onda films

  1. Jim Fraser says:

    Hi Emma I am at present working on my family tree and have found in my Step father family that his Uncle was Hugh Rain who’s Son William was married to his mothers sister Mary Savage. My Step Father Thomas Edgar Delahunty was born in Preston and his father was a Lionel Edgar Delahunty who was an Acrobat and had traveled with an Arab troup throughout Europe and USA before WW1. If you have any further information it would be great if you could advise me.

    • Hi Jim, interesting another acrobat in the family. I have a copy of the Rain family tree, from another Rain family member who has spent years researching all their branches, I will see if I can put you in touch, Emma

      • Jim Fraser says:

        Thank you that would be great my step fathers father was a Edgar Lionel Delahunty and was in an acrobatic troup that travelled throughout Europe and USA prior to 1916 I have part of his diary travelling in Europe. any information would be great. He died and buried in Preston.

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