Onda talks coming up this week

Just a quick post to inform everyone that if you missed my recent talk to Preston Historical Society there is another chance to hear it this week.

I will be giving the lecture about Will Onda and his films tomorrow at the Harris Museum’s Discover Preston gallery from 2pm until 3pm. Free admission.

On Thursday evening I have so been invited to give the same talk to members of the Hoghton Women’s Institute at Hoghton Village Hall.

I am also preparing a new post on Onda’s war films, including the film of the troop inspection in Blackpool that has recently been identified.

About Emma Heslewood

I am a historian and museum curator with broad interests including early topical films, social and industrial history, numismatics, archaeology and WW1. I am an expert on the life and work of the Victorian acrobat and topical film maker - Will Onda.
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2 Responses to Onda talks coming up this week

  1. F. Morven Coates. says:

    Hi Emma, I’m so sorry I am unable to attend today as I have to take my son Dean to the hospital this afternoon. I see there will be something starting at the museum on Friday about the roll of honour on the staircase. Hopefully someone will be able to make right my Uncle Carnie’s name at last. Hope all go’es well this afternoon. Morven.

    • Hi Morven sorry you couldn’t make the talk.

      I am curating the stairway exhibition at the museum but it isn’t about the roll of honour, as such, it is about Preston’s role in 1914-15 in mobilising and recruitment and features some objects from our collections. It opens on Saturday.

      I am also working another project to create a virtual Harris Roll of Honour on Lives of the First World War. The project is going to be unveiled to the public in November but you might want to have a look now as I have already created a page for Carnie with his service records, and added the snapshot of your portrait of him. https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/lifestory/3643105 you will see it has the form and links to the memorials at the Minster and Harris and acknowledges the error. If there is anything else you would like to add to the page it is open to public and you could add pictures of his medal or grave if you have them.

      I am away next week but would be good to have a chat about where I am up to with the virtual roll of honour, the film research, we also need to discuss the sash.

      Best wishes

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