Jessie Rain and the sad story of Will Onda’s early life

Readers of the Lancashire Evening Post may have spotted this week an article about the Rain family on Wednesday 27 Jan on page 26.

This story taken from the Court Archives tells the sad story of how Will Onda’s father William Rain accused his older son Jessie of trying to poison him in 1875. The case went to court and Jessie was defended by William Blackhurst and found not guilty.

I have known for quite some time of the families difficulties and separation of Will Onda’s parents when he was a young child. This article is an amazing discovery and I thank Keith Johnson and the LEP for bringing it to my attention.

Check it out below.  

About Emma Heslewood

I am a historian and museum curator with broad interests including early topical films, social and industrial history, numismatics, archaeology and WW1. I am an expert on the life and work of the Victorian acrobat and topical film maker - Will Onda.
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