I would like to acknowledge and thank:

Peter Vickers for his shared enthusiasm and support for this project and his great work tracing Onda in Preston newspapers. Peter is also researching the first film shows in Preston and the role of circus owner “King Ohmy”.

Marion Hewitt, Nick Gladden and Geoff Senior and the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University for their support in this project.

The BFI National Film Archive and Jan Faull and Patrick Russell.

The Harris Museum & Art Gallery and Preston City Council, particular Councillor James Hull for bringing Onda’s films to my attention.

The Harris Community History Library (Lancashire County Council).

The family of Hugh Rain (Will Onda).

Tommy Green (the grandson of the fairground showman, film exhibitor and cinema pioneer George Green).

Keith Johnson

All the other Onda fans who I have met during the process of this project and offered me advice, information and encouragement. Particularly Michael Lockwood, David Hindle, Peter Worden, Luke McKernan, Janet Nelson and Ron Montgomery.

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